Enrique Iglesias Events for May 2017

18274834_139842596557370_2691855240665150611_n.jpgHello everyone! Welcome to Enrique Iglesias Philippines Fans page! In this site, you will find the latest updates on Enrique Iglesias.

Today is Enrique Iglesias’s 42nd birthday. Make sure to wish him a happy birthday on his official Facebook fan page.

Here’s a quick update video! Enrique’s next events will be in Morella, Mexico on May 13th and then Dansk, Poland on May 17th. Then Bologna, Italy on May 19th, and then his last event in May will be in Milan, Italy on May 20th.

Please visit Enrique’s official Facebook fan page to purchase tickets. It is Facebook.com/Enrique. Thanks for watching my video. Have a great day.